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Kyubey Fwee Cat

January 2010

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Kyubey Fwee Cat

Fwee 365

Happy new year everyone. to start off this new year right I decided to do this project called 365. Basically people are taking 365 pics. One picture a day. Some are doing one self portrait a day but i am just Taking pictures of things i did of the day and then upload the pics of the week into a folder. and will update my live journal with my pics. well lets get started

Jan 01, 2009

So I went party hopping with Shareese and Manny. we stopped by Jackie's party for the ball to drop and took the first picture there. i was then going to meet up with someone but Shareese then suddenly had plans with Manny and invited me so i decided to go have some more fun. We go to Manny's friends house and some people from the high school were there like flatulentturtle  . Some people were already drunk and everyone decided to play Bamboozle. Our team lost by 3 points because Manny really really sucks at the game. We stayed a little later than we thought but it was fun.

Jan 02, 2009

Today i went to clean up the basement because it was a mess. i saw a lot of old things and old junk. but on the plus side we have some room to put some things. I found REALLY old pictures and old books. not much old toys but maybe another day i will find them.

Jan 03, 2009

Since i was cleaning my basement i decided to go clean my room. i got a garbage bag and threw things in there and got a container.

Jan 04, 2009

I ate waffles and continued to clean my room. I finally ordered the Alien bee lights.

Jan 05, 2009

I spent the day on the computer chatting on forums. i wanted to reach a certain goal and i ended up falling asleep all day. It was a very lazy day.

Jan 06, 2009

My lights came and i opened it up. It was also the premiere of scrubs so i watched that while i tried setting up my light. But then i discovered a little water in my studio so i couldn't really set up my lights until that problem is fixed plus it smelled a bit so i have to wait for my dad to fix that up so i can set up my lights plus he needs to get me the sheets for the backgrounds.

Jan 07, 2009

Because i had to wait now to actually use my lights i decided to back up some music and files and while i did that i watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall. But a glitch happened and nothing was moved over. So i am just going to delete all the music since i can just use a ipod program to take out all my music. I need to get a better memory card now because of this. I need more space.

Jan 08, 2009

It was just another lazy day. took a very long shower and cleaned my room up a little more. A friend called and i went to hang out with him for a bit but couldn't really find a place to hang out. Also i found out my dad didn't pay the phone bill so no phone for awhile.

Jan 09, 2009

I helped take off the christmas tree ornaments and then went to the basement and continued to clean. i showed my dad all his old stuff and he game me all his old colognes. I could use them in product shots now and with models. I really wanted to go out but my friend got lazy and didn't want to go to the mall.  I want to go to Ihop and go Thrift store hopping.

Jan 10, 2009

It started snowing and my mom asked me to run some errands for her. I decided to after watching a new show called Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. made me realize Masked Rider was back. But i put down salt outside for the family.

Jan 11, 2009

I went out for a run. Only to come back to my family deciding to go to the Mall without me. My dad called asking if he could borrow money and i agreed only if he bought me food from the mall. which he did. Some creepy guy came to the door and i would not let him in with all the crazy stuff happening with my family. as soon as he left my family came back and gave me the food. I also realized i need to get 50 bucks soon because of the Comic Con Convention. and even if i do go i wouldn't have any money to spend. it sucks! but hopefully i can scrounge up some money.


This is a really cool idea, in addition to really nice pictures. I'm excited to see where you take it. Have fun! And I hope your new year's going well so far!