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Pikachu Fwee Cat

January 2010

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Pikachu Fwee Cat

crappy life

i have no idea where to begin. but right now im sick. really sick at home. but thats not why im doing this. iv been putting this off for too long.
my dad wants me to go to florida to visit relatives and stay with them for the vacation. i was thinking hmm that would be nice but then i remembered the last time he told me he was gunna send me to florida (a previous lj entry).
You see... i was on the phone with a very very old friend at 2am one night and we were talking about some really private things. things i would never say to anyone else about my life. and guess what? my dad was listening to the conversation. not only is that illegal but hes like u gotta tell ur mom. and im like what? and my brother is like you dont know?
WTF i hate my family now and i need to get out of here befoe i do anything stupid to myself.
in school i dont feel as myself i feel soo fucking lonely. im starting to neglect my school work, i dont eat at all anymore. and im making some really stupid decisions in my life i would really regret. but i have no fucking idea what to do. i wanna die simple as that and no one would really care. yeah put up a tree in my name but who would really know who i am? i dont think anyone knows me.


i love ya fwee!!!!!!!!
;0; *hughughug* no dying yet mmkie?