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today was a fine day. until 6th period when i felt really dumb and stupid and worthless and stuff. we were having a compotition in english and I know all the stuff. but when im up tehre i just completely forget. i felt like creaming and yelling at everyone cuz they kept getting the nswers wrong. i almost cried. then next period i had the most horrible migrane ever almost as bad as the one on march 17th when i had to be rushed to the hospital from school. it was the same period and my head hurt soo much i cried and i was burning up and i almost threw up and i was laying in the nurses office holding my head for like and hour. i decided to go back to class (double period) and when i got there it got worse cuz everyone would not shut up they were soo loud. i almost lost consiusness again. after the period ended Mr. Simonelli decieded to make me stay a little later cuz of the noise out side and they got ms. reise and the nurse ( exactly like last time but no wheel chair) i ended up staying in the nurses office the rest of the day. i had to take my spanish oral taht day too but they pushed it back till monday cuz of what was happaning to me. i just took new medicine and hopefully ill feel better.

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