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Pikachu Fwee Cat

January 2010

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Pikachu Fwee Cat

6 weeks of hell

yeah im pissed cuz winter wonderland was fucking canceled wtf I HATE U!!!

nothing happened. like no one was in school. pissed me the fuck off...
life is crappy as usual. i feeling less of my happy self more and more. i blame christmas. but even tho im not happy im still fucking nice. why? because being nice rocks. always helping people no matter what. i just have to do it...
but yeah i complained in class today which shocked the teacher. cuz i NEVER complain. and she was like oh ok. u havnt complained in 3 years so ok ill give u this. so i complained till i saw something more intresting.
yea the topic title i put 6 weeks of hell because 6 weeks ago i did a bet... and its still fucking going on. he list but i fucking won... and i pisses me off.. its stupid and perverted but still i continue not to do it until i get some real action. and that wont happen for prob months... maybe ill set a record... but dam it fucking hurts and embarrising sometimes cuz i dont do...

im jus rambling cuz i dont post as much cuz nothing has happened. cept that dam bomb threat. i want to start cursing but im afraid... someone seriously MAKE me curse. and aww thanks everyone for below

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you went to school on Thursday?? i didn't. how was it??
i knownot a lot of ppl went. it was soo boring
Haha...bottle of whiskey....that's always a good gift.