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Pikachu Fwee Cat

January 2010

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Pikachu Fwee Cat

update on health

well yea im still sick.

on monday i went to the doctor and they sent me to the hospital and all they did was put an IV in me and that had medicine in it. it really didnt help at all cuz i was still in pain and stuff.

Tuesday. i took meds but now they 100% do not work anymore and im in soo much pain. i can barely do any work anymore because of it! especially 8th period spanish class. i can not work in that class everyone is soo fucking loud in there! it makes the migraneheadaches worse.

im also now feeling dizzy and light headed and thats not good cuz on friday i could barely stand up.

Today we went to the new neurologist. and he jus wrote down my history of head aches, migranes and sickness. and he gave me a chart to do of severity and lengh of head ache starting today. and right now its been hurting since 10am! im going to be getting a mri scan next month and a eeg scan march 3rd after school. i am also going in for a follow up on march 30th.
he gave us some Vitamin B2 medicine that would help stop them for now but i have to take them twice a day everyday. he also gave me a list of the food i cant eat but everything on there im already allergic too so it doesnt matter.

right now im gunna layedown cuz im still in pain and i wanted to update everyone with what was going on.

oh btw and i have to write a college essay thats due the 20th... dam