Fwee Carter (fwee_prower) wrote,
Fwee Carter

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old school!

im happy. really happy cuz im finding my friends from my old elementary school and middle school on myspace. i miss these guys soo much and im soo glad i can talk to them on myspace.

yeah on my health:
im basically getting worse and worse. the vitamin b2 is working a little. its reducing the pain but its still there. i have a mri scan coming up sometime this week. and my brother stupidly told my parents that were gunna take our driving tests tomorrow morning.

i am no fucking taking the test. i wont beable to concentrate i havnt been studying cuz iv been in bed this entire time... its not fair my brother would do this. but hes also the idiot that bursts in my room screaming and singing. knowing im in pain.

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