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Pikachu Fwee Cat

January 2010

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Pikachu Fwee Cat

dam mom

im to tired and drowsy to post the entire problem so ill just post this convo i had.

Tails da Fwee (6:11:00 PM): dammit my mom is soo stupid
kittiekorn2004 (6:11:04 PM): why?
Tails da Fwee (6:11:10 PM): tuesday i have my apointment
Tails da Fwee (6:11:33 PM): but she doesnt wanna go cuz its at 7:30am and my sis has school and so does my bro and my dad is gunna be in florida
kittiekorn2004 (6:11:42 PM): grr
Tails da Fwee (6:11:50 PM): i asked her to reschedual but she doesnt wanna
kittiekorn2004 (6:11:54 PM): omg
Tails da Fwee (6:11:56 PM): she wants me to live with the pain
Tails da Fwee (6:12:01 PM): her exact words
kittiekorn2004 (6:12:05 PM): what?!
Tails da Fwee (6:12:23 PM): i tried calling her mom/ my grandma to tell her whats shes doing but my mom took the phone away from me
kittiekorn2004 (6:12:30 PM): wow
Tails da Fwee (6:12:49 PM): i told her my sister could walk to school
kittiekorn2004 (6:12:56 PM): hm
Tails da Fwee (6:13:04 PM): and we could drop off my brother at the trainstation before we go
kittiekorn2004 (6:13:08 PM): wow
Tails da Fwee (6:13:13 PM): but she doesnt want to
kittiekorn2004 (6:13:31 PM): wtf
Tails da Fwee (6:13:32 PM): i asked her to call the doctor to see up until what time he will be in the office
Tails da Fwee (6:13:35 PM): but she wont
kittiekorn2004 (6:13:58 PM): god...
Tails da Fwee (6:15:46 PM): i dont know what to do she wants to put me on the meds on double doses even tho it just makes me feel worse
kittiekorn2004 (6:16:03 PM): that could kill you
Tails da Fwee (6:16:39 PM): yeah i know but she insists telling me to take yoga classes instead of going and getting surgery
kittiekorn2004 (6:16:54 PM): i don't think yoga would help
Tails da Fwee (6:19:31 PM): yeah i know. i mean the side effects are getting bad and it says to contact the doctor when it gets worse. not neglect to call him
kittiekorn2004 (6:22:03 PM): wow
kittiekorn2004 (6:22:07 PM): then you call
Tails da Fwee (6:23:10 PM): i was trying but she wouldnt give me the number. it was before i decided to call my grandma
kittiekorn2004 (6:24:28 PM): hmm
Tails da Fwee (6:26:12 PM): hmm im gunna post this convo on my lj/myspace blog

and here is a list of the side effects that i have from the Nortriptyline:
dry mouth, drowsiness, dizziness, headache, weakness, un pleasent taste, increased appitite for sweets, blurred vision, eye pain, shakiness, twitching of the face, mood swings, loss of balance, uncontrolled movements of arms and legs, suicidal thoughts.


tell someone at school, like the nurse or someone. if you need to go to the doctor, you need to go to the doctor.
everyone knew incuding the teachers and nurses that i had a apointment on tuesday and i wouldnt be in school.
wow, that's horrible :(

*hugs you*
it'll get better soon. remember, people love you, fwee!!
Hun, catch a cab...you need to see someone. holistic medicine won't help you here.

well, maybe just a little :)
thanks for your kind words <3

get better soon!
aww i'm sorry Nick. you should tell a guidance counselor or someone.