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Pikachu Fwee Cat

January 2010

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Pikachu Fwee Cat


im kinda just posting to rant. or somthing...
lately ive been having dreams about being a super hero. not the same super hero in each dream but a super hero in everyone. i've been having such an urge now to actruly do something and help people. to also run freely or flow in the air. I already have the suit (my halloween costume). it's just that i dont have the power or gadjets to really do something about it.
When i started sneaking out of my house i thought of a brilliant plan for me not to get caught: when i am about to go back inside i put on my super hero costume. once i go inside and get caught, my parents will look at me, then i will look at them, then they will look at the costume, and then ask me what the hell was i doing. I would simply reply "I was Patroling the neighborhood!" Then there would be silence and just decide to not ever mention this again. I mean they cant punish me for doing that.

next topic- i wrote this in a bulletin on myspace:
I've been getting many bulletins about reposting a story about 2 ppl that love each other and one dies. they are all different but all end the same. and at the end of the chain bulletin it says repost this if you really care about someone. well i do care about someone and reposting a story that could of been made up is not a real way of showing them how much i care. To show how much you care about someone is to show it with your own words from your heart not something someone else wrote.
What had happened is that i told Rob how i felt about him. hes soo amazing and nice, kind, funny, sweet, and caring. I really like him for his personality. Rob also happens to be the first person i ever had a crush on. and now i have this chance to be with him but i cant. he has a bf. i seriously would give up anything to be with rob. i would even travel the 3 hours to visit him in college. But who knows what will happen in the future? I just know right now i really care about him.

sick news- its been 19 weeks now. im still sick and on friday i ran out of my medicine. it actruly was starting to help me out. i have a doctors apointment on the 15th... along with other stuff but id get into that later... but ive been soo happy ever since 2 weeks ago. cuz that when i started talking to rob again. my last entry i was feeling so low but the next day... rob appeared. hes really the light at the end of my tunnel.

ok now whats gunna be happening in future days-
June 8th- Andrew, and Martin Van Buren Hs and other queens HS Prom (done)
June 11th- Alonzo's Graduation (done)
June 14th- Bubble's Bday
June 15th- Last day of School
June 15th- Doctors apointment
June 15th- Briarcliffe college incoming students party
June 19th- Sarah's bday
June 22nd- Graduation Rehersal
June 23rd- Math B Regents
June 23rd- Martin Van Buren Hs Graduation
June 23rd- PROM!
June 24th- Stephanie's Graduation
June 25th- Stephanie's Dance Recital
June 26th- Stephanie leaves to go to Jamacia
June 26th- GRADUATION!
June 27th- Andrew's Graduation
July 2nd- Chibi Chibi's bday
July 20th- Carly's Bday
July 21st- Colleen's bday
August 28th- Jenny leaves for college
August 31st- Jenny's Bday

Movie openings
June 24th- Bewitched
June 29th- War of the Worlds
July 8th- Fantastic 4
oh and speaking of movies. holy fuck the Rent Trailer looks fucking amazing!!! omg i really want to see that movie!!!

oh and btw im changing my away messages. its gunna still say im sick but gunna actruly have ones that say im not home lol.