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Pikachu Fwee Cat

January 2010

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Pikachu Fwee Cat


omg omg. last day of school yesterday. it was soo sad. omg words cannot describe senior countdown... maybe one. Randomness but im not even sure randomness is even a word. ill post pics from it later. im gunna miss everyone. not everyone i wanted signed my year book. i wanted some juniors like: Stephanie, Becky, and Jason to sign my book. :'( to bad i couldnt find them.

Doctor's apoint was wierd. he said that my sleeping scedual is wierd but its only been wierd due to the side effects.

The Briarcliffe thing was cool i met some new friends. Tony and his gf Tara. they are a fun bunch. Tony is going for Criminal Justice and his gf is a junior at bayside high. wish i wasnt so shy to talk to others.

Today was the day i hung out with Rob. Rob is soo freakin amazing im still falling for him. We ran a mile on the track field. we were gunna run more but i felt so tired and i was kinda worried about Rob cuz he said he might have strep throat. We walked to Shareese's house and he said he was feeling sick so i told him once we get inside he should sit down and i will get him a water. He met Shareese and Carly. and played uno and looked at our yearbook. They all liked each other and he thought they were funny so thats great. He drove Carly home and then took me back home and got out of the car and gave me a hug. That was my favorite part of the entire day. there was one point where i wanted to take pic with my camera phone. i wanted to take his pic so much at that point cuz the sun was shinning at a certain angle i looked up at him and he looked amazing and his eyes were shining its brown color. arg im falling for him all over again but this time much more. i want to be with him soo badly!!! but he has a bf... i really dont know what to do.

ok now whats gunna be happening in future days-
June 8th- Andrew, and Martin Van Buren Hs and other queens HS Prom (done)
June 11th- Alonzo's Graduation (done)
June 14th- Bubble's Bday (over :'( but shes 18 now!)
June 15th- Last day of School (over)
June 15th- Doctors apointment (done)
June 15th- Briarcliffe college incoming students party (done)
June 19th- Sarah's bday
June 22nd- Graduation Rehersal
June 23rd- Math B Regents
June 23rd- Martin Van Buren Hs Graduation
June 23rd- PROM!
June 24th- Stephanie's Graduation
June 25th- Stephanie's Dance Recital
June 26th- Stephanie leaves to go to Jamacia
June 26th- GRADUATION!
June 27th- Andrew's Graduation
July 2nd- Chibi Chibi's bday
July 20th- Carly's Bday
July 21st- Colleen's bday
August 28th- Jenny leaves for college
August 31st- Jenny's Bday

Movie openings
June 24th- Bewitched
June 29th- War of the Worlds
July 8th- Fantastic 4


yay, i'm glad to hear things are going good hun :)