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Pikachu Fwee Cat

January 2010

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Pikachu Fwee Cat


OMG TONIGHT WAS AMAAZING. it was my very first banquet. and it was wow. i helped out alot. i stayed till 5pm to get all the stuff ready for tonight and changed and came back at 5:30. and words cannot describe what happened. it was soo emotional. food was great. the talent was amazing. i took soo many pictures and as soon as i can ill post them all up. i tryed hugging everyone but it was hard. i was happy for alot of people tonight and it was sad to see alot of them go. The section leader thing was the most emotional sigh i wish it didnt ahve to end. and the slide show came and i was kinda disopointed. they didnt use any of my pictures i agve them and they didnt use any of the music we selected and we selected alot. but it was great anyway. it just means my pictures are super special and only way people can see the amazing pics is to contact me. Then we went out side to discover the senior prank. OMG it was carzy they totally messed up mr. marshalls car with food all over it. u should of seen his face! oh wait i have pictures of it!! it was a amazing night and christian, Emily, Joe and I helped mr. marshall clean it up and we were done by 12am. and now mr. marshall is going to get his car washed. again tonight is amazing i want to really help out on Concert Choir next year even tho im not gunna be in it. (my scheduals full. i had put it on but had to take it out cuz of a stupid lab day thing.) i miss you all whos graduating. ill post some pics soon i promise!


I'm glad you had so much fun =)

Take pleny of pictures next year!
lol i wish i really could but im not gunna be in it next year. i put in on my schedual but my guidence counseler said i couldnt since i had a lab day. grr dam science! butill still try and be involved all the time in concert choir affairs!