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Pikachu Fwee Cat

January 2010

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Pikachu Fwee Cat

prom was the shiznats!

Prom was amazing. basically Sarah explained everything that happened last night. http://www.livejournal.com/users/walkmyskeleton/22338.html
i got home at 6:30 am and my mom freakin woke me up at 11am and rushed me, my sister, bro, aunt, dad and cousin to get to my sisters graduation even threatining to leave my sister and me which didnt make sense cuz the graduation is for her. and guess what we got to thier audotorium and it was fucking empty. so my entire fam decided offically that my mom is crazy. i was fucking tired and rushed i didnt even change my after prom clothes cuz she told me not to. my dad could'nt change his work clothes cuz she rushed him and were all pissed off cuz we could of had more time to do more stuff like. CHANGE THE BATTERIES IN THE CAMERA AND CAMCORDER!! but awww my listle sister is gunna start middle school thats soo cute!!

i got home and fucking slept all day nd wokeup to post pics from prom.


372 pics!!! w00t.

i fucking missed rob like crazy during prom i have to keep remembering he has a bf. but dammit we even passed his house!!!

oh and GOOD news on my health. even though ive been sick
for 21 weeks now. the new medication is really really helping! im feeling better and theres less pain!

ok now whats gunna be happening in future days-
June 8th- Andrew, and Martin Van Buren Hs and other queens HS Prom (done)
June 11th- Alonzo's Graduation (done)
June 14th- Bubble's Bday (over :'( but shes 18 now!)
June 15th- Last day of School (over)
June 15th- Doctors apointment (done)
June 15th- Briarcliffe college incoming students party (done)
June 19th- Sarah's bday (over. happy belated bday again!)
June 22nd- Graduation Rehersal (done)
June 23rd- Math B Regents ( done and failed it was fucking hard)
June 23rd- Martin Van Buren Hs Graduation (done. congrats to all my friends)
June 23rd- PROM! (done. amazing night)
June 24th- Stephanie's Graduation (done. she's growing up!)
June 25th- Stephanie's Dance Recital
June 26th- Stephanie leaves to go to Jamacia
June 26th- GRADUATION!
June 27th- Andrew's Graduation
July 2nd- Chibi Chibi's bday
July 20th- Carly's Bday
July 21st- Colleen's bday
August 28th- Jenny leaves for college
August 31st- Jenny's Bday

Movie openings
June 24th- Bewitched (open)
June 29th- War of the Worlds
July 8th- Fantastic 4


I'm so happy to hear you're doing better.

thanks i hope your doing better too. ::hugs::
Great news! :)
i'm glad you had fun at prom. as did i. :)