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Pikachu Fwee Cat

January 2010

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Pikachu Fwee Cat

Fwee goes clubbing

well guess i have to type this again... dam livejournal

Basically For Colleen and Carly's Bday we went to the city to go clubbing. 
FIRST the trains were going uber slow cuz of the lightning so we got there kinda late. we met Carly's friends and went to go eat first at a diner. then we went to Copa Cabana but they wouldnt let us in cuz we werent 21. so Carly's gay friend suggested we go to a gay club and everyone agreeded. and we went to look for one and then two gay guys at penn station told us that if we get to club Speed before 12:30 we could get in for free so we ran there and got in and had a great time. we danced and it was the first gay club i ever went to. but there werent many hott guys cept 2. i danced with one. not uber close making out dancing but distance dancing. it was kool but i was competing aganst a shirtless guy so he kept turning around. it was really fun though everyone had a blast.

we left the club and went back to penn station to discover since we it was now the weekend we had to wait 3 hours for our train. so we went to one going to oceanside... and took a cab which i had to pay the most dammit! but overall it was a great time. and dammit

Our vacation began, mapping out a plan
but the map never showed
the danger down the road
We felt our camper shaking
as the earth was quaking
There's nowhere to hide
It's the ride of our lives

Now we've crossed the line,
Fallen through time
Livin' in the Land Of The Lost
What a world we've found, deep underground
Livin' in the Land Of The Lost

This world is strange and new
see the triple moons,
but don't you turn your back or
you'll become a snack
Cuz some Tyrannosaurus
could be hungry for us
We'll need to make some friends
The wonder never ends

Now we've crossed the line
Fallen through time
Livin' in the Land Of The Lost
We open a door and find dinosaurs
Livin' in The Land Of The Lost
Livin' in The Land Of The Lost...
Land Of The Lost!