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Pikachu Fwee Cat

January 2010

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bat wtf

Fwee's dad is Mean

So i'm back in school its great so far. good to see my friends again. just now there are like zero computer labs left so no where to hang when there are no classes. My mom has also started school again also to get a new certificate. She keeps wanting to practice on me LOL.

My dad ugh hes been an ass lately. This week on tuesday i needed to get to class at 2. and hes no where to be found. i call him and he says hes on his way. now its 1pm. and i call again and hes says hes on his way and if he doesnt get here in time then my brother should take me. and Andrew is lazy as always and claims he doesnt know the way even though i told him i could show him. he says no. now its 1:30. i call again and he claims hes almost here. and i wait and wait. and now its 2pm and theres no dad. and i call and he says hes almost here and I'm like forget it i cant go in late. He comes home at 2:30pm WITH FOOD and DRINKS. I'm like wtf. and he says he can still take me. 
It takes 20 minutes to get to class. class ends at 3:20. by the time i got there id have to leave. ASSHOLE. so i stayed home.

and then Weds. he told me he showed people my photoshoped work. And everyone loved it, and they are wondering how i am able to do all that stuff and its amazing cuz they cant do it. and my dad tells them. "he doesnt know especially on my rinky dink old crappy laptop."  ohh the love and praise went out the window. cuz i was grinning at first and after that i was just pissed. I love my laptop <3 

ok and heres some new work i did.

Last couple of  avatars

remeber go to www.guyswithcams.com to see these cam guys. 

and here are some new banners i made for them