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Pikachu Fwee Cat

January 2010

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Pikachu Fwee Cat

Fwee's Brother and Dad are assholes.

ok lets start with Andrew

I needed to do a project. all he has to do is stand outside in a white shirt and hold a gray card. it takes like a minute.
I got the assignment on thursday. when i got home its night so on friday i asked him. he said come back in an hour cuz hes tired. i came back. and he kept saying to come back, and it went on until guess what? the sun goes down. so he said he will do it saturday. and it happens again. and im like WTF YOU ASSHOLE. and he says he'll do it sunday. oh and guess what. sunday is uber cloudy. so i cant do it. so he says monday morning. and its uber cloudy again. UGH.

Luckly when i went back to school my friend offered to help and we did it there at the school the next day.

Still on andrew. i washed my clothes. one shirt in perticular since he wore it for a week and we bought the shirt together so its both of ours but i wanted to wear it so i washed it. and guess what. the second its done. Andrew wears it... for a whole week. THE NASTY BASTARD!!! im seriously pissed at him for that. ohh and it doesnt stop there. he walks in my room one day wearing my clothes... one that i bought with my money. he fucking keeps stealing my clothing. its fucking nasty and i hate him for that. 

Luckly i Beat the shit out of him and now he has to buy me my books which he has been promissing to buy me for months. Now i added another book for him to get me.

Now to my Dad. god where do i begin? He has been royally fucking me over. I need to get supplies for the same class and he wont give me the money untill i give him a estimite of how much money it all costs and i keep giving it to him. plus everyone is telling me a need to physically go to the store to get the stuff. so finally he says he will give me the money so i go to the city on friday. so friday comes and no money. and i need to work on a project on sat. i cant do that now with no supplies. and today is sat and i was planning on going to the store today which is in the CITY. and guess what? the store is closed. GOD DAMMIT. i have to go tomorrow. and how the hell will i do my project now? HOW!? its due tuesday.

Still on my dad. he actrually asked me to do a favor for him. when i go to the city. like hell i will i need to do my projects. This class is uber hard and ugh i kinda hate my major for it. But yeah the other day my dad wants to take us out to red lopster. and hes on his phone talking for an hour. and then he decides to call them to deliver the food. and the delivery is closed at 9. and he was on the phone till 9:47 so if he had just stoped and called them before his "buissness call" we would of been eating it. So he decides to go pick up the food there, and my brother and sister decide to join him. They go. Later me and my mom get a call from them saying the kitchen is closed and they could not get our food. WTF!? they went ate their food and didnt order ours at the same time. UGH assholes. but my sister came back ans shared with us her left overs. my dad ate all his food. My brother SAVED a lopster and some crablegs and ate it by himself the next day. hes soo fucking selfish. 

bahh maybe ill post pictures later of stuff i did but now... im not in the mood to.