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Pikachu Fwee Cat

January 2010

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bat wtf

Why Fwee was sick...

I wasn't going to post this for fear ppl would read this but its funny. and you can all laugh at my expense. and eh maybe this will be a warning to everyone else in the future. so read, laugh,and comment. - Fwee

Well I found out what has been wrong with me for all these days. It’s really bad and I was shocked at the revelation the doctors told me.


I finally went to the doctor and they weighed me and I lost a lot of weight. The nurse tried to make me feel better saying she wished she weighed as much as me. I didn’t respond because I wanted to say something mean back. The doctor came and asked me what was wrong. I told him my stomach pains, my throwing up, my head pains. And he pushed on my belly causing me pain. He looked concerned and called another doctor to come. And she came and did the same. The two doctors talked and said they have some suspicious… and they are sending me to the hospital immediately. I went to the hospital and waited. And I tried to be nice to everyone as much as possible because they know and I know what was wrong but decided to take some more tests and x-rays. But of course they couldn’t get any blood from me. I played video games while I waited in pain. It was hard and I needed to get my mind off things… I was at the hospital all day and night. The doctors finally came back and told me what was wrong which made my mother angry at me. I kind of knew what it was so my suspicions were correct. They said they had to do a procedure to flush my system out and they did and I need to take some medicine to flush my system out some more. And I cant eat any solid food until that is done.


You never know when it will happen to you. I was sick for weeks and I didn’t think of anything… I mean you see those commercials on TV and you think. HAHA that will never happen to me… but when CONSTIPATION happens to you, you will rethink your way of living.


;) hurts, doesn't it?

merry christmas :)