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Ok so on Saturday was free comic book day so i asked this guy Steve to join me. We were soupose to hang out last week at the sakura festival in brooklyn but we both had each others numbers wrong. We were there at the meeting place at the same time but never saw each other and i ended up going back home dissapointed. But we talked and fixed our errors.

So we decided to meet up at Pennstation. I saw him first and he looked soo handsome in his red polo shirt. but he walked passed me. only reason i reconized him was because he was wearing the same shirt that he wore in the pic he sent me. well i called him to make sure it was him and he saw me and we had a akward hug. So we went on our way and talked and walked the wrong way cuz you know I have a HORRIBLE sense of direction. He asked me if i ever had a smoothie before and i said i did and he was craving one and the second we turned around to go the right way there was a smoothie shop right infront of us. We talked while we waited with him ended up paying for them to make up for last week which was a very sweet gesture.

We got to the comic shop and waited in line and i showed him the different comics and i ended up buying him a comic to makeup for the smoothie. We headed down to midtown and he suggested we buy our movie tickets now but i reassured him since there was a movie every hour we would get our tickets in time. so we went to midtown and got more free comics but had to wait on line but it was nice cuz we talked a little bit but there was kinda always that akward silence so we both just read our comics we bought.

We headed towards the movie theater to discover that the movie was full til 7pm so we bought those tickets and we went to go eat at the diner across the street. we talked some more and flirted a lot. i called Shareese the moment he left to make sure this was 100% a date and i got the confirmation when he payed for the food. I told him since he did that i would pay for the popcorn. We had a lot of free time left so he suggested we go to the port to find a park. we did and layed down on the grass and flirted a lot and played around in the grass. i then turned my body towards him and he said "your lips are really close to mine right now." i apologized and he said it was ok. we smiled at each other and gave each other a peck  on the lips. We then just layed there staring into each others eyes in silence. we then moved in for a real kiss but the grass wanted some of that action so we kissed though the grass. since that kiss was kinda messed up we kissed again without the interference of the grass and ended up making out in the park. we stoped and just layed there. He made a comment about relationships and guys not wanting to get close and touch, so i took that moment and held his hand while we layed there. we kissed again and talked and played around with the grass and even did games with our tounges. It was a lot of PDA in that park.  He even made me a grass ring but i lost it. I got lost in his hazel eyes so many times.

It was starting to get late and 2 hours had passed so we headed back towards the movie theater. Steve felt cold so i gave him my jacket to wear. We got to the movies and saw spiderman 3. i payed for the popcorn and he got the slushie. after the movie he asked me if i wanted to go home or go back to his place to play card games or something. Usually i would head back home in fear of getting in trouble but no one was home. so i headed with him to his apartment in brooklyn. We played a game on the subway had a lovely walk to his place. The subway was right infront og the brooklyn museum and the lights were on and the sight was amazing. At his place i met his cat Momma which was VERY affectionate. we thought about what games to pay but we werent really in the mood to play a game. Steve told me he smoked and smoked at the window. surprisingly i felt ok with it. I kinda guessed cuz he wasnt bothered by the smokers in the city. throughout the whole day we were playing the "what are you thinking?" game so we did that a lot here. after he finished smoking. he pulled me into him and i layed on his chest where i could hear his heartbeat. We just layed there for awhile and ended up making out for over 2 hours. we ended up in the bedroom because Momma kept asking for us to pay 100% attention to her which was very cute. but we kissed on his bed and he fell asleep in my arms and we made out some more with him asking me if i wanted to sleep over which i quickly replied with a yes. We kissed all night and fellasleep in each others arms. at one point Momma came into the room and hogged the majority of the bed lol.

I awoke around 5am to check on the train times and i decided to go on the 7:04 train back home but i didnt. i went back to the bed and we kissed and went back to sleep. we finally got up and he showered and ate breakfast while i played with momma. I met his roomate for a moment before we left. at the door we made out some more and walked back to the subway while talking some more. at the entrance he grabbed my hand and we had one final long kiss goodbye. i hoped on the subway then the train back home and called shareese. she picked me up at the trainstation and went to her place. i seriously could still feel Steve's lips on mine at this point. Sharese and i went to the mall and hung out a little and then i came back home.

I had soo much fin because not only was this my first date with steve but it was my first date period! me and steve are planning to hang out this weekend. i really have no idea whats happening between us. we both said we liked being with eachother but we'll see where this will lead.

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