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Pikachu Fwee Cat

January 2010

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Pikachu Fwee Cat

Kid Universe

I over think way to much. I seriously realize how i wasted my child hood and want to do it over. I want to be more open and more honest with my self. i want to fix myself for the better. I have horrible writing, i should be able to run faster, and be stronger. I want to be more athletic. If i was younger i would do more things different. I made a list.

1. Be a Smart ass - Read read read and write more, work harder in school. Spout out random information to trip up people and be more fucking honest and point out the obvious that no one else wants to say. effectively this would make me more like able because i would let no one take me down i wouldn't let anything get to me because i KNOW i am better than them. (plus it would really help my signature)

2. Become a gymnast - I want to be able to jump and be able to flex more. I would help me with my martial arts. It would able me to be able to do anything i want. (plus i would have AWESOME Abs)

3. Make more friends - When i moved to LI i had like one select group of friends. then some Concert Choir friends. But seriously i wish i was more open with my concert Choir friends cuz frankly They were awesome and still are but i really felt outside of their circle. But then i realized thats how i felt with every group in high school. I felt outside watching them all. Everyone would talk and gossip and i would just be there barely saying anything. If i was more open and direct i feel i would had a more enjoyable time in high school, make more friends and then maybe i wouldn't be alone at home most of the time.

4. Stop being scared - I keep going against the advice i gain and it gets me hurt. But i keep making the wrong decisions. But sometimes I want to take the risk. I am so Afraid of life i am scared to do everything. I can't drive because i spaz out. I get scared too easily. But i feel i should have overcome this years ago. I want and Feel that i should be out there having adventures. I want to be having adventures instead of staying home watching shows about them!

5. Save the World - I want super powers i should have them. I'd totally use them for good and such and scare the fuck outta people to make sure they stop doing bad stuff.

Ok aside from # 5 this is what I think about and should of done when i was younger. i wish i can redo everything but my question is...

If you had the chance to start all over, would you do it exactly the same, Or would you change things?