Fwee Carter (fwee_prower) wrote,
Fwee Carter

Fwee goes to work

Well I started work on Tuesday and it has been great. Basically I photograph every type of brush out there. The name of the Company is called Braun Brush. I'm so happy this is my first real job and I hope to be working for a long time but the only problem is that I need rides to and from work. It sucks but I always try to get rides. Another thing that sucks is that there would be points where I get very bored that I try to text people or use my cell phone's crappy instant messengers.

In other news well I started liking this guy i chat with that I was going to just have a hookup with. It sucks though because I don't think anything would ever happen. It's weird also because I haven't had sex in 7 months and it's horrible. Bah I need to do something about that pronto.

I was expecting this entry to be longer but I guess whats it.

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