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I think i've mentioned this before but there are times where i really want to write an entry and it goes through my head and then i realize. hey i don't need to write it anyone since i just wrote it out in my head.

well here are the big news stories. i graduated college. officially. i am done. and working a lot.

i am getting an Ipod touch so maybe that will help me write entries more. i am not 100% sure. and now that its the summer maybe i can write in my sex blog since certain things have been happening. I have also been taking and posting a lot of pics on DA. i realized i did not have that much photography on their and i AM a photography major so i should fix that. you can check it all out here


tell me what you think of my new work.

also soon i will be getting a new phone. i will be getting a voyager!

also there has been a lot of internet drama. it's pretty funny and i will post the entire convo on myspace cuz he has nothing better to do than message me on it.

I also was at a concert last night for Kyle Kite so be sure to see pics from his concert thing.
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