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Fwee Hates Best Buy

So i havnt been around for months. Not my fault. Not Being Lazy. Not being really busy. Its all best buy's fault. why? this is why.

I gave my laptop to Geek squad July 27th cuz my motherboard was fried i got it back August 19th but with new problems. so i go to best buy after a visit from the bank to deposit a check. Happy that i finally have 1600 dollars to buy a new camera. I go to customer service to get them to cancel my no existant credit card i apply'd for but have yet to recieve but it was taking to long so i went to geek squad to check on my status.

So they are like hmm well it has been a long time... wait whats this? oh well your eligible to get a replacement laptop. BUT they need to back up my system which will cost 200. and I'm like WTF 200? my job is fucking ending in 2 weeks i wont have 200. Plus i only have enough to buy my camera. PLUS i bought an entertainment media thing to go with my laptop a month a go while i waited and that cost 291 but have yet to start payments on it. so i'm freaking out the clerk goes to see if he can find a replacement but cant and gives me a better one instead. But the MAIN thing is the 200 dollars and to get my fucking information cuz i needed that. i needed it soo badly so i can print out buisness cards for work so my boss can hand it out after i leave, and that cost money.

So i call a bunch of different people to see what i can do. and finally i decided to get the laptop. so he shows me the laptop. it looks the same but has a bigger harddrive. and i look next to it to see the media thing cost 80 bucks less. so that got me pissed off so i cried. I then thought some more. (i got there around 5:30 it was now 8pm) I finally ask a friend to pick me up so i can take it home and binge eat. So i start freaking out cuz they said they cant get EVERYthing off my laptop. and i have to choose what they can get off. and i want everything. so luckly my friend is there to remind me what i need.

Then luckily she says she has certain programs that i had on my laptop that she can get me. I was happy. but still took me a while to decide what to get out. Obviously i needed all my photoshop and picture files. But then they tell me its going to cost 259 dollars! so WTF i cried a bit again and then finally payed with a best buy card with 90 days to pay. UGH my bad luck i went to wendy's and eat a bunch. and she gave me the stuff i needed.

So i called Bestbuy back to complain and they said the money was taken out. so i'm happy that i don't have to pay. But the next day i get a call that i have to pay 395 to get my data back. Which made me furious. i yelled at screamed at them because this is bullshit and i've been waiting for soo long. 2 weeks pass without my data and they FINALLY tell me my data has arrived and at this point its 3 months now. so i go and they cant find it and they tell me they just sent it. which was crap. i called to complain and the pople on the phone told me something different. turns out they did have my data in the back and it came the day before. so im about to pay even though im still complaining but i need my data back pronto. I am told i have to pay 429.05 so after 3 months of waiting for my laptop. after all the mistakes THEY made. i have to pay money to get  my data back.  So i payed with my best buy store card. I seriously still am pissed off at them but im glad i have my data back.

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