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Pikachu Fwee Cat

January 2010

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Pikachu Fwee Cat

Fwee Turns 21!

Golly Gee Wiz! I havn't updated in a while.

Well I stopped working at the company since it  was like a internship but i learned a LOT. I loved the place and hope to find a place just like it. But right now i am building up my portfolio. you can check out all my new work here fwee4.deviantart.com/gallery/

So I turned 21 on the 20th but on the 21st i went clubbing with a few friends. I invited a bunch but not many were free that day. The night started with Colleen, Shareese, Manny, and Me eating at a diner. The same diner we went to after prom, the convention, and edna's visit. Carly was suppose to join us along with Matt but Matt didn't show and Carly made plans that same day with someone else. But Shareese ranted throughout the night and we ate lots of good food. Colleen told us the quickest way to the club and we headed there and even though it took like 30 mins it was the coldest 30 mins of our lives. Carly and her friend met up with us at the club, along with my friend John and his bf Tom.

We had fun dancing in the club and John and Tom kept bringing me drinks to try. Shareese was sick so she wasn't doing much but it made me happy she was there. I didn't meet anyone new but John did tell one of the gogo boys it was my birthday and i gave me the courage to give him a doller in his briefs. The night was so much fun. But shareese was still feeling sick and wanted to go home before the last train came. We headed to the one train and waited like 20 mins for it to come and then had to wait 30 mins for the train to baldwin. Which ment we could of stayed longer at the club. But doesn't matter. I had a Blast.

This past weds i did a photoshoot with my friend Danny, which you can see on the above link. it went really well except my flash was not working right so i have to check out whats wrong with that. Thurs was a normal night full of food and i kicked ass playing uno against my siblings.

Yesterday i went to the mall. But before i left i saw something amazing, something i need to get. A freakin power Ranger hoodie.