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Pikachu Fwee Cat

January 2010

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Fwee is Bored

Jan 12, 09

Bah I'm still craving Ihop. I had waffles to make to feel better about it. I am thinking of better ideas for this thing.

Jan 13, 09

This day was so boring so I ate crackers. That's all that happened.

Jan 14, 09

Because of yesterday I slept pretty early. I woke up Early feeling refreshed so i cleaned my room and packaged my toys. I then reorganized my room and threw out papers and organized my comics. I remembered i had a lucky rabbits foot underneath my bed so I feared the worse but lucky for me most of the bugs were dead and i quickly threw it away. I then vacuumed the area and continued to clean clean clean. I then went into the basement and cleaned that a bit and moved some chairs into another room so i would have more room in my studio. While I was down there I realized I could do my laundry at the same time so I did. I noticed the hallway to my bedroom was messy so I organized that and took down a bunch of equipment and garbage to the basement. I got really tired so i took a nap so i can be refreshed again for my shows.

Jan 15, 09

I woke up the complete my mission. I cleaned the hallway some more. Then finally set up a a new closet type thing so I could put my clothing. It took a while but not as long when i had to build my book shelf. I had some bumps but once I was done I felt proud. I Also shoveled a bit and took off the snow off my moms car.

Jan 16, 09

I was finally able to pick up my laundry. My dad had things in a basket so I couldn't bring my stuff up. But while i was down there me and my mom discovered the flooding has gotten so much worse so I had to move my equipment. UGH. I then suggested I just make my studio  half of the basement instead of a little room and my mom agreed. So now I will have much more space and will need to fix it up a bit more and I STILL need to wait to use my lights.

Jan 17, 09

I spent the day listening to music and downloading stuff. Yesterday I had fallen asleep at 8 by accident and missed my shows so I was determined not to make that happen again but alas I went to bed at 8pm and woke up at 5am.

Jan 18, 09

So my brother, cousin, and sister were going to go to the city so they could watch my brother practice. I suppose to be alone but my sister changed her mind and stayed. I watched some shows I missed like Ghost Whisperer and the Office. I ended up shoveling the snow again which was fun because it was not as cold.