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Pikachu Fwee Cat

January 2010

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Pikachu Fwee Cat

Fwee Gets Job Offers!

Jan 19, 09

This day was a boring day. I applied to many different places and got into a argument with this bitchy girl about photography.

Jan 20, 09

Today Obama Became president. It was a awesome day. I woke up and watched the news and suddenly I get a call from Shareese asking me to go to IHop. I jumped at the chance even though I had to stay home to watch it. I had a blast at IHop and ate around 9 pancakes. I talked to Shareese and Manny about their future wedding and talking about going to comic con. She then took me back home in time to watch the Inuraguration. I opened up some sparking apple cider and drank a bunch with my family but my mom went over the top by running around the house with an american flag. My stomach was hurting from the many pancakes and was bribed to shovel the snow. I was in a lot of pain but still ended up doing half. I asked for helped but no one helped. So i went back inside and slept.

Jan 21, 09

I spent the day shoveling more snow and putting down salt. i still felt it was unfair to do this by myself so i went inside. My brother gave me two pancakes so it was kind of alright. I applied to a bunch more places because i really need the money.

Jan 22, 09

Wow at Today. So lately I've been in a rut photography wise. no jobs, no offers. I felt like I was loosing my edge. Today I felt like I should change this. I was telling a friend and he gave me some links to sell my photos.

As i click the link, I got a call from a friend saying he has 3 people that want to take photos with me. So YAY! so now i have to wait for them to come and tell me when they are ready. hopefully by that time my studio will be finished.

Then I check my e-mail and its from a company starting up asking me to be their event photographer. but since its a start up I won't be getting paid. But I will be getting into clubs and places for free, have a guest, get free drinks, free food, etc. Plus I can get my name out. and they can soon start charging people for events. so when that happens I get paid.

Jan 23, 09

I spent the day basically chatting with a guy I met and to my future employers trying to set up things. I really hope everything works out for the best. I webcammed and voice chatted with a couple of people from Realpics.net

Jan 24, 09

I talked some more with that guy I met learning more about him. I spent the rest of the day trying to clean my basement to no help.

Jan 25, 09

I finally was able to clean up my area. there is almost no water there but the basement is still a huge mess. I finally was able to set up my lights and took practice shots with my sister. I got so fustrated at no one helping to clean my house. It is a disgusting mess. So I kinda had a panic attack because of it (and other issues) I kept asking stephanie to help me clean but all she did was watch youtube videos. I was also able to rearange my area. I just wish i had the sheets to make different backgrounds but i guess the white background will just do. I hope everything will be clean by then.