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Jan 26th, 09

Happy Chinese New Year! I spent the day getting ready for sundays shoot with Akira. I wanted to do something in celebration of the day but my aunt and grandparents were busy. I had to crush up all the boxes my equipment came in and take out in the freezing cold.

Jan 27th, 09

I continued to clean getting more and more frustrated with my family of not helping out at all. I finished cleaning my side of the basement but it was still a huge mess.

Jan 28th, 09

Finally the day of the Sachika fashion show! I got up got ready and got the directions to the place. I was nervous the entire day and confirmed with John Wetsell if he was coming or not. I also called my other John and he said he would be on around 3:30 to see if he was gonna go. I waited all day and finally he came on at 4:30. I wanted to catch a train with him to help calm my nerves but he was being a lazy ass and wasted my time. I ended  up missing my train and he decided not to go and just stay in. I ended up catching a later train in fear of getting there later.

When i finally got there it was revealed they were not letting anyone in before 8. So I had to wait an hour before i could get in. At 8 they let the VIP/Press in and at first i was nervous and scared. But remembered i was there to be postive and be a great representation to M3 so i went around asking to take people's pictures. It turned out to be very productive because i gave away so many of my cards and got many cards myself. I sldo got many job offers. The fashion show itself was flawless and the twins did an amazing job. I went home after the majority had left and took a cab home.

Jan 29th, 09

I just spent the day uploading and editing all the pictures. Andrew got me some food so i ate that while i worked on the pictures. I don't really know when or where on the site the pics will be up but I can't wait!

Jan 30th, 09

I sent off the pics and while it was being sent I Coninued to clean. Also I FINALLY bought my comic con tickets but sadly Shareese can't go. I was dissapointed but she said she might be able to go one day. My neighbor gave me this old radio and i cleaned it up a bit and maybe i could use it in future shoots. Oh and my phone was turned back on finally!

Jan 31st, 09

Today there was an estate sale down the block from me. I called Shareese and she told me to come over. Manny was over so we waited while Shareese finished cleaning. I played with Charlie almost the entire time. Shareese also got Dance Dance Revolution and was very adament of beating the level at the moment. Manny and me finnally conviced her to go to the estate sale and she begrudging agreed. When we arrived we were shocked by how much amazing stuff they had. If I could i would of bought up the entire house plus the house itself. A bunch of stuff caught her eye and i found a stool in the bastement I could use in my studio. I also found a couple of old old camera's for sale and immedietly wanted to buy them. The owner offered me 18 for both and i told her i was a photographer so she gave me an old polaroid camera for free.

Shareese wanted to buy a bunch of things but didn't have enough money so she went to the bank and got some extra cash and also bought my stuff for me. We went back to her place and cleaned the stool a bit while she also hid some of the things she bought. She then went to beat Dance Dance Revolution. I saw her parents watching Marigold a bollywood/hollywood movie and watched it with them since I heard some good stuff about it. During the movie I played around with Charlie. I couldn't stay long die to Manny and Shareese going out later so I sneaked some chips and juice. I tried sneaking some cherrios but Shareese yelled at me and told me to go have the cereal instead of just eating the cherrios by hand. After i finished she took me home.

My house was still mess and no one had done anything productive so I got into a pissy attitude. I forced them to all clean so the basement would be more presentable. 

Feb 1st, 09

The Day of the shoot with Akira. I was nervous in the beginning of the day but I felt confident in what was to come. He came over with his cousin and i took some test shots with him so I can fix the lighting. He changed and began the shoot. It went well and his other cousin came over to see what was going on. He loved all the shots so i asked him if he could do some extra shots for me. I quickly uploaded the pics and put them on a CD for him. He was very gratefull and i hope he tells his friends about me. I edited some of the pics so far and I have a couple more to go. I have to e-mail him later with the edited pictures. But overall the pics were great!

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