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Pikachu Fwee Cat

January 2010

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Pikachu Fwee Cat

Fwee goes drinking

May 18, 2009

May 19, 2009

May 20, 2009

May 21, 2009

May 22, 2009

Shareese came and picked me up to hang out. We got some food and things for  the dogs and I met Mimi for the first time. I love dogs but mimi is a bit of a bitch. She really barks a lot at everyone and bites hard. But I still played with her and fed her along with Charlie. I showed Shareese the Lazy town mash up vid and the jizz in my pants vid and then we decided to show her sister 2 girls 1 cup. It took a while to find it but when we did Her sister screamed so loudly. After showing her the vid we picked up manny and got ice cream. I then showed Manny the Mash up vid. We then watched a movie called Autopsy which was kinda lame and weird.

May 23, 2009

May 24, 2009

I went to The BBQ at Shareese's house and had a great time and ate a lot of food. Her family got into a debate about texting and since I don't have a phone i kinda felt out of it. Mimi Was nicer to me today though. i guess it was because so many different people were wound. As we were watching tv, Edna called Sharrese asking to hang out. Shareese and I then picked up Manny from work which caused a HUGE debate on who he should of said hi to first. I was on Manny side during the debate but since shareese is his gf and Shareese is Shareese, she wins automatically. Manny changed and we went to Greg's house to meet up with him, Edna, and Ayana. We hung out and talked about chick flicks. and then the debate started again and Ayana was on our side while Edna agreed with Shareese.

We finally decided to go to Oasis by the train staion but it was packed and had a live performance. So we decided to go to the Nautical Mile. We found a bar and hung out there. I decided not to drink which was a good decision. Manny got shitfaced drunk. Ayana and Edna got tipsy but not on prom level. Shareese, Greg and their friend seemed fine. They took a couple of shots together and decided to go to another bar while Shareese and I dragged Manny to the car. It was quite difficult since manny is taller and bigger than the both of us. When we got him home we took him to his door and closed the door in his face while he kept telling shareese that he loved her. And about how he would treat his future children. And a lot of other nonsense. I also had to stop him from getting hit by cars. and bumping into people and things. But overall it was a fun day.