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75 bucks....for doing nothing

ok today was a very eventful day. ill starty from the beginning.
ok so i go to sign up for summer school cuz i got a 55 on the chem regents but i passed the course. i wait and wait in the long line until finaly its my turn and i pay the 3 dollars and they said to check if i didnt ahnd in a book. i said ok because i knew i handed in all my books. then the lasy said my name on the list and i said 'WHAT!?" they said i didnt hand in my S.S text book. but i did. they said i had to go home and get 60 bucks and i cant sign up. i tried explaining how i brought it in the day of the test because Mr. McDonoghn told us to. they took the books and found you card and matched the numbers and then took the card and book and put in different piles. and they said they didnt care and i ahve to pay 60 bucks. so i walk back home and tell my parents. luckly my mom came because she gets pissed off with things like this. so would my dad but he would just end up paying the fee. so me and my mom go back to the school and luckly shareese was there because she was there when i handed in my book. and also my mom remembered asking me the day of the test why i was carring a book in. so i had proof i handed it in with witnesses. my mom yelled and yelled and they said she still had to pay and she said she will never pay the fee for a book i handed in. and they said their system was messed up. and my mom yelled at them for being messed up. they told us to come in at a later time so we go out side and quickly my mom whips out her cell phone and tried calling everyone in the school she knows and she finally gets mr. hudsen. we explain what happened and him along with another lady knew i was telling the truth. so they let me sign up with out paying and my mom was happy. and now i have summer school tomorrow!

after we got back my dad took me and my bro to IHOP. where i had a colorado omlette. and we talked about memories and our old house and how he used to punidh us and he didnt punish us much. and then my dad did a stupid thing and brought up ken which pissed me off because im not talking to him anymore and im kinda dating someone even better. (ill talk more about him later)

after we ate we went home and i got ready for this group thing about casual shoes and i get paid 75 bucks. i met up with my cousin Kyle and coincedentaly some baldwin alumni. we went to the city and i we had to pretend we didnt know each other and we entered the building at different times. soo were waiting and waiting. but then they said my name and said they arent gunna choose me and they will just give me the money anyway! so i basically got 75 bucks for doing nothing!! this is actruly the 3rd time its happen. i had to then wait for the others. sooo as i waited 10 mins after they went in my friend germel came. i felt sorry for him cuz he was only a few minutes late and didnt get any money. soo after a hour we went around the city and i wanted to go home and i wanted kyle to get a cain or something cuz he sprained his foot. he was limping all over manhattan. i really felt i should of been helping people for some strange reason. and i helped kyle out as much as possible but then as we were walking down the street a man on a bike fell over and he went flying and landed on his legs and started running. i just froze i felt like helping him and his bike and his food and everything and i froze i wanted to help him. i felt soo sick of myself after that but then after we got to hillside and i really had to pee i mean pee pee dance gotta pee. and we go to burger king where you have to bloody pay 25 cents to use it. kyle knocked on the door to see if anyone was in it and there was no response. i put in a quarter and as i open it a women opens it yelling SOMES IN HERE! so i waited and danced and as i waited the only sounds i heard coming from the bathroom was of the woman talking on the phone!! she was in there for like 5 minutes talking on the phone. and finaly opened the door and i rushed in. after i got out i held it open for kyle. and when he went in the woman said she needed to go back in. so when kyle got out i told him to hold it. and he did and told me he wasnt gunna hold it for her. when she got in some guy was about to make the same mistake i made but i quickly told him somone was in there. the man went outside and then the woman came out. i yelled quickly to hold the door. and she did but droped her cell phone and the guy that needed to use the bathroom was locked out. i quickly ran and picked up her cell phone and let the guy in. that made me feel soo much better because i was helping 2 people at the same time. so now im all happy and giddy and theres summer school tomorrow and im hopefully gunna see steve on sat! so bye byee for now

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