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arg as usual life is crappy and i wanna just die. I'm in summer school but im not depressed about that. but its pissing me off that when people see me thehre they are shocked that im in summer school. they say: "OMG! NICK CARTER IS IN SUMMER SCHOOL!?? No hes just here for fun. "

first who in their right mind would go too summer school for fun!! I failed the chemistry regents but i passed the class. i don't have to be in summer school but im only in it to review for the regents. and the class is very good.

oh yeah back to my life being crappy. soo i was tempted to kill myself today because of problems with friends and other people. i was trying to stop my friend from killing himself. i made a promise to him that i would kill myself if he killed himself. because at the moment if i lost him i lost everything. no friends, no love, no one that cares, no friends. im totally alone. but hes ok now but i dunno if i will be again. my life is always just spiraling down and down. and i want it to go up. im falling for a amazing person but i dont think they feel the same... i need advice. all comments are welcome

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