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Pikachu Fwee Cat

January 2010

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Pikachu Fwee Cat


DAM BADLWIN HIGH SCHOOL YOU CAN GO TO FUCKING HELL!! time to show off some fucking anger!! GRRR! i ahte this school sooo much. i got a letter saying they wont send my schedual becasue i owe a S.S book... But i handed it in. and my 3 friends saw me hand it in. they were shocked to hear it was THAT FUCKING BOOK! they saw as it was checked off as they handed their books in at the same freakin time!! oh yeah and over the summer they wouldnt let me go to summer school because of this but luckly one of the people that saw me hand it in was there and we argued... yeah its a previous post i put about our triumph but im too pissed off to show the link.. but they STILL SAY I OWE THE FUCKING BOOK!! now im furious because i ahve no idea what kind of stuff to get and when i have lucnh and all that crap. we have to wait till weds so cuz thats when mr. hudson comes back and he could help clear this entire mess up. DAM BALDWIN HIGH SCHOOL I FUCKING HATE YOU!!!

sorry for that anger burst everyone its just soo stressfull...


Same shit happened to me, except that the secretary knew me who was collecting the books and because I was a pet to most of the staff, she just ripped up the stub that said I owed any books. I really did owe like 3 books though, but after telling her a bullshit story which she believed, she just let me go. :D
SO HAHA to you! ;-p
meanie :'( everyone likes you. im like that too but they jus messed it up
*kicks you in the nuts* don't call me mean, im truthful! lol, jk :D update your journal at least once a week or i'll throw rocks at your window :-p