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Pikachu Fwee Cat

January 2010

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Pikachu Fwee Cat

my watch

today was an regular day. cant say what happened in concert choir cuz its a secret from the seniors. shhh. but the rest was boring. i actruly started to wonder if we actruly went to the moon in S.S class and wanted to bring up the topic but i decided not to cuz ill be taking time away from regents review. i had another massave head ach so off to the nurse again. i almost collpased this time. in gym it was the last day so we played volleyball. and everyone says im a ace in it but i think i hog the ball to much. i do it cuz the people on my team dont really play and dont move fast enough... lol but im too nice. teachers tell me this everyday im nice but i ahve no friends and people ignore me. eh. im nice to even when people are mean to me and just use me for their own personal gain. i cant be mean or hate anyone its just not right. i just wish people talked to me more and i had more friends. yesterday sucked really cuz i was by myself sitting alone at lunch as usual. heres some tests i did. oh yea btw my watch broke... iv had for 4 years and its broke. i kinda fixed it but i need to get a new one. i tried to modify this watch to much to make it a communicater like in power rangers. but i think i should stop for now. it broke in gym, i tink the volley ball it it. im trying so hard not to fracture my hand again by volleyball...

What happens when you try to be Japanese? by hideto
Your Name
Your Age
Your Japanese NameHoshi (Star)
Your New StyleGothic Lolita
Your Favourite SingerGackt
You end up becoming..An international film star
Cash flow?$556,358,478
You die..In a firey car accident.
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What happens when you try to be Japanese? by hideto
Your Name
Your Age
Your Japanese NameUsagi (Rabbit)
Your New StyleAnime Cosplay. All the time.
Your Favourite SingerGackt
You end up becoming..A newscaster
Cash flow?$714,181,969
You die..From vitamin deficiency
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!


I'm no exactly sure who this is, so I'm just gonna post! This is Jason Weisinger. Welcome to the community! Where are the rest of the pics?!
lol hi. u gotta im me for the rest of the pics. those were just previews. i got over 80 pics from the party. just im me for the rest. and if u know anyone else that wants to see the pics tell em to im me.