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Pikachu Fwee Cat

January 2010

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Pikachu Fwee Cat


yeah today was kinda kool. i brought in Alf for alien day. and everyone was like OMG ALF! except for some ppl and everyone had to explain to them who alf was. the teachers especially knew who alf was so that was fun.
I took a test afterschool which i know i failed.
then afterwords i went to look for my adult sized robin coustume with no look. at one store sigh... i saw my worst fear and i had to close my eyes hard and get rid of the scene out of my mind... then as we were leaving the kid put the fucking costume on and he was wearing red which fucking freaked me out and i wanted to get the fuck outta there.
then we went to a arts and crafts place. it was neat. all female workers and it was big... omg i was so bored that i actruly started organizing everything in the store and read a bunch of magazines about beading. ppl thought i worked there. but i kept telling them no. it was kool tho... i need a fucking job. just something to just organize stuff... im such a neat freak... but not in my house... weird. if i see a mess i quickly clean it up. if im in a messy room. i clean it up. just ask me and ill clean ur house for you. seriously its weird...
ill post pics of alf and stuff we did with him. tomorrow is the prep rally and me and shareese have to go to tke pictures for the newspaper. then i have to take pictures of the parade and the game. then the halloween dance (if we have it). then the intrual mural night. then the play. wow such a busy month...

1 month and 19 days till me bday!!!