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Pikachu Fwee Cat

January 2010

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Pikachu Fwee Cat

GRR you assholes of the media

yeah i wasnt gunna do a post like this but im really pissed off. afterschool my friend showed me and Shareese a news paper about Mr. Marshall
Daily news
and he said he was gunna take the pic from the article and put it on a t shirt that says guilty. me and Shareese politely told him were gunna kick his ass along with everyone in concert choir the second he does that.
i hate what the media is done. channel 7 is great with taht they did.
channel 11 was oure CRAP!!!! they did a fucking segment to child molestations!!
3 before mr. M and one after. i was LIKE WTF!? and they interviewed the wrong ppl. ppl that had no idea what the fuck was going on. and 1 kid that doesnt even go to our school.

Some of you may know but i was told that it was a coincedence he was arrested the same day the investigation started. i was going to post the interview but i fucking forgot my palm pilot. they asked simple questions be it was about things he did with us.

what i REALLLY FUCKING DONT UNDERSTAND is how the two perople that it happened to automatically knew to talk to each other about what happened? seriously how did they know. that puzzles me and shareese. they would of told other people right and other people would of known but no... they only talked that that one person that it coincedentally happened to them to... WTF!?
i dont trust this story at all. its not fucking possible.