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dam uuu

ok since a bunch of ppl went to the site the pics dont show cuz of the bandwich was too high... its coming back soon but if you want the pics still i have em on my computer
Aim- Tails da Fwee
Yahoo- Anidats
MSN- Anidats@yahoo.com

i will gladly give you the pics you want <3

ohhh and YAY!!! i got gunbound... im such a noob lol.
i handed in the senior polls and stuff. dammit i wanna be Teachers pet. but no one knows me and i dont know anyone. ppl tell me vote for them for best eyes and smile. but i have no idea who the fuck that is and i would need to see thier eyes and smile to see for myself.
sigh i wish i had friends in the school.

You're Pilz-e, Foamy's annoying friend who is
over-medicated and has major ADHD problems. He
speaks really fast...most of the time you can't
understand him.

What Character From Neurotically Yours Are You?
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