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Pikachu Fwee Cat

January 2010

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Pikachu Fwee Cat

trying out a new userpic... i love it thanks to http://www.livejournal.com/users/aristide/

should i use this or the one i had before?

oh yeah my left hand does not work at all... i cant move my fingers. i was at the hospital all day. and all they do is give me motrin... wtf. and my fam thinks im faking it but im not. i didnt even want to call them from school cuz i knew they wouldnt beleave me and the docters would do shit. but all my teachers and classmates and nurses told me to. so instead of going home i told my mom id stay in school and then go to the docter. and wtf she thinks i was faking it to get out of work and stuff.

so basically im sitting heretyping with one hand while i try to move my fingers on my left.

that happened on monday but my hand is doing much better.


I love your icon! The way they make their digimon evolve in the 3rd season is so awesome!

Secondly, I'm terribly sorry to hear how much your family mistreats you, as well as the horrible condition your hand is in =(

Feel better hun.
omg.... im in utter shock...

you know about Digimon Tamers!? whoaaa

Digimon Tamers aka Season 3 was the best season ever! the songs and evolution were great!!

there were 5 megas!!! 5!! not 2 but 5!!
and the biomerging was sooo kool. <33333 Sakuyamon, Gallentmon, MegaGargomon <3333

Rika, Takato, and henry were the best out of all the seasons!

lol wow.. i can rant on and on but thanks for the concern. i can move my fingers now w00t
Meh...as I told you, I prefer seasons 1/2, for the very obvious Taito (the pairing and innuendos that Tai and Matt are a couple).

I'm glad you've gained mobility =)
lmao. taito was great. they had soo much proof of it. omg when i saw the websites i was like wait omg thier right... they are like on top of each other and holding hands all the time!

i like season 1 better than season 2... cuz in season 2 everyone had a digimon i was like wtf i thought there were only 8 digidestined!! (ken had a crest and was there the same time as them)