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trying out a new userpic... i love it thanks to http://www.livejournal.com/users/aristide/

should i use this or the one i had before?

oh yeah my left hand does not work at all... i cant move my fingers. i was at the hospital all day. and all they do is give me motrin... wtf. and my fam thinks im faking it but im not. i didnt even want to call them from school cuz i knew they wouldnt beleave me and the docters would do shit. but all my teachers and classmates and nurses told me to. so instead of going home i told my mom id stay in school and then go to the docter. and wtf she thinks i was faking it to get out of work and stuff.

so basically im sitting heretyping with one hand while i try to move my fingers on my left.

that happened on monday but my hand is doing much better.

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