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Pikachu Fwee Cat

January 2010

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Pikachu Fwee Cat


um im un creative right now since i was at mcdonalds all fucking day since 3pm to 10pm with shareese.

but the good thing is that emily and perin visited and i was happy but i wish i got to see them more. and just minutes before i saw them, me Gina, and Colleen Quick were saying how Perin and Emily were like the coolest girls last year. and its soo true.

i was with jodi allison at mcdonalds talking about her ex... who i kinda like now and hes fucking hot but ran away from me cuz he thought he was gunna get beat up by these guys jodi sent to scare him off. dammit i never got to tell him i liked him tho. and then she left cuz those guys called the cops

dammit just my luck.

high points of today was seeing emily, perin, sara, johnny ect.
i didnt get the chance to say hi to johnny :(
but yeah today was super kool. i didnt get to class late cuz the bells didnt work. im soo fucking lucky. i waited to say hi and hug emily and perin and i was like fuck being late. cuz yeah i noticed i actruly look up to those two also. So yeah they are like my role models lol.


good grief nick! you've practically just brought me to tears! that's the sweetest thing i've ever heard from someone in high school.

it really makes me thankful that i have friends like you. and i'm so glad that i could be such a positive influence in your life.

happy turkey day =)
aww its all true. i wrote that all sloopy tho rushing to make sure my comp didnt crash. plus i was like all sick on the french fries and soda i ate all day.

but yeah i was thinking that all day and was like hmm i gotta write that.
um who? who are they? and talk to me on aim instead of here plz...