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Pikachu Fwee Cat

January 2010

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Pikachu Fwee Cat

im a picture whore

yes i am... omg

god im ugly and a wierd freak


you are not ugly and a freak. shush!!!!

i like them pics!
pokemon MASTAAAAAH lol XD
interesting pictures...:-P
people are iming you? i really didnt know. who are they? what are their sns? what are they saying?

e-mail me at Anidats@yahoo.com
i dont know who imed u to tell u that. cuz i havnt told anyone except my friends but i never told them ur sn.

i did however posted our conversation in a fourm. because it was thier idea in the first place to tell you what he did. they told me to wait and tell u. i talked to them after a week david came over and i was crying to them saying that he used me but he was soo sweet. they basically said to tell u so he doesnt cheat again and stuff.
i posted the convo we had in the forum and the ones that remembered what happened told me that i did the right thing. but i dont think i did.

btw what is your proof?
so ur saying u and david were at a party on october 29th. a friday. from 7pm to 9pm and then david went home to look after his siblings?
and if david knows im lieing why hasn't he talk to me himself?
im not trying to ruin anything jus wanting to get the truth out.
... what? soo ur proof is saying david never came over to my house. i never saw him, my mom and my sister never saw him, he never helped my mom with the groceries etc. ?

im not trying to ruin anyones life ok? thats an honest thing. i dont want to break up you to ok? i jus wanted to get what happened out of my head because it was eating me up inside. I had a choice when david messaged me that first night to save our convos but i decided no. i had a choice to take his picture but i decided no.
me meeting david was a huge mistake in my life. yes im some random kid david talked to but honestly truthfully he imed me.
i now wish i never told you any of this because ur a really nice girl. so basically what im saying is jus u beleave something i beleave something. i will forget everything that happened on that day because it basically changed my life. but ok w/e u said happened i guess it happend. i dont care anymore. my life is utter crap.
im sorry but i dont lie about serious things like this. if u saw me that night i was shaking before i imed u and shaking as i talked to you.

but ok w/e u said happened happened. im not gunna argue anymore. its not worth it. im not gaining anything from this honestly.
i know ur trying to be nice. and i did accept it. basically i was saying i dont like david at all. i have zero fantasies about him. im trying to forget what happened.